The holidays are coming

img_20181227_053836It’s begining to look a lot like Xmas, omg I’ve started to get excited for Xmas my baubles are up outside in the garden, people are starting to have that happy glow about them.  It’s a sad time for many I get that boy I’ve even been there, but thankfully I’ve reached the other side.  Mum always loved Xmas and I think I follow in her footsteps.  Next weekend I intend to bring my tree in and decorate indoors woop woop.  I’ve got holidays from work in December two days a week whilst I’m dog sitting so that’ll be fun, Kezz and I will go for big walks to keep her from missing Louise.

I’m off to the Xmas markets in Exeter this weekend, shopping, my pressies are nearly done, so I can save December for buying food and for celebrating with friends, bring it on.

November rain

20191021_160550November where have those lazy hazy days of summer gone, I miss them so much, it’s dark it’s cold and it’s wet and to top all that my friend will be leaving at the end of the month, she’s off to New Zealand for 7 weeks leaving me in charge of the 🐕 dog.

Don’t get me wrong I love the dog to bits but walking her for 7 weeks will be a challenge for me, roll on the Xmas hols.

I’m even on my own for Xmas this year arghhh that’ll be weird, I have plans though Kezz and I will have a chilled brekkie then whilst everyone is having Xmas dinner we’ll head out for a walk then come back and prepare our dinner, I’ve got an organic chicken ordered kezz’s favourite.

I’m hoping that 7 weeks of extra walking will lift my mood for the winter and hopefully make me a darn sight fitter. By the time Louise comes back January will nearly be over and the days will be getting lighter again, yippee.

Anyway no point wishing my life away, I’ve got Xmas deccies to look forward to first, it’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas……


20191104_085437Rain,rain,rain,wet,wet,wet,miserable,wet clothes,damp,depressing,dark skies,wet feet,puddles,rivers,torrential,drizzly,jackets,hats,umbrellas,no fun,no energy,negative,negative,negative.

Positive,positive,positive,refreshing,good skin,garden alive,sparkling,clean,dark skies,cozy fires,indoors,chilling,reservoirs,hats,drizzly,gentle,pitter patter,relaxing,meditating,rainbows.

Weekends cont.

img_20191102_012421Omg what a joy I live for my weekends now, it’s all very exciting, it’s funny I’m not a party animal anymore, I’m too tired for all that but I do like a glass or two of wine on a Friday night, Louise has taken Kezz and cleared off to the caravan leaving me the house to myself bliss it’s nice having some downtime. I tend to be up in the night so I can do this without disturbing anyone.  I’m up listening to music at the moment and I’m writing in my journal tomorrow I’ll have a long hot shower and chill.

Louise will be back tomorrow night so I’ll make a hearty soup for supper then we can watch strictly, honestly I’m such a party animal lol. I’ve promised myself this quiet weekend.  The weather has to be atrocious so that’s perfect suits the occasion.  I’ve got a few busy weekends coming up so it’s important to chill. My body tells me when it needs to relax. I think after all the excitement of being in Scotland I just need to take a step back. Honestly rest, rest, rest is the key if you’re feeling in anyway stressed out. Enough rambling Happy weekend folks.

Family holidays

Wow I did it yet again how pleased am I, no stress no strangefb_img_1572363620230nge episodes just a gal on holiday with her sister. We visited the Isle of Arran what can I say but fantastic, it was amazing weather was dry we had cold walks, lunches, drinks , dinners and generally just totally relaxing my kinda holiday.

Autumn was near all the trees were golden, there was a nip in the air, I went with my sister we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it’s so easy to pick up where you left off with family no awkwardness everything was very familiar and comfortable and easygoing.

What can I say success after success things are really pulling together for me now I feel like pinching myself it’s all to good to believe, but I do believe my positive attitude has paid off for me big time, next challenge Xmas on my own, well not quite I have my four legged friend fingers crossed all will be well.

Anyway what next ? Must get planning for another adventure, loving life to the max.


20190928_142031Weekends don’t you just love them, they are such a pleasure now I’m working Mon to Fri, this one is turning out to being so nice. I’m spending it at home and it feels great, it’s lovely when you have the time to focus on all those little things that you just never get round too. So far I’ve watered my indoor plants, deadheaded outside, walked the dog on the beach, been shopping, generally tidied up and finally got some garments organised that I want to sew tomorrow all in all a productive morning.

Afterwards Louise and I took ourselves to the pictures to see Judy (very sad) I’m not a big fan of the pictures but it was a great way to spend a cold and rainy sat afternoon. We treated ourselves to an organic chicken for dinner (it’s the little things in life) and settled down with some home made wine to watch strictly.  It was just one of those perfect days and I’ve still got Sunday to come, for that I am truly grateful, I’m an official fan of weekends now, can’t wait till the next one I’m off to bonny Scotland could it be more different.20190921_114156

It’s funny being ill has been a blessing because I savour every moment of happiness now I’ll never take that for granted anymore.


Nostalgia, wow my head is burling tonight I’m looking back on all my photos and boy what a whirlwind.  It’s funny I have no bad memories any more I seem to have a great capacity for blanking out hurt and sadness in my life it’s great.  I’ve always been told I have rose coloured specs boy even my counsellor told me to take them off sometimes.  But they serve a purpose.

I look back on everything with fondness even the sad times it’s all part of who we are, I love life now in all its confusion the good the bad the happy the sad we are all just big balls of life and emotions and I love that, no one is immune.  I’m sorry I’m rambling tonight but I just get so excited about life and people I think as long as I stay curious about it all I’m winning.

I’m even listening to some old tunes, I love the way music travels with us in our minds dipping in and out of our memories lol I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster tonight think I best put down this tablet and get some sleep.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is embrace life everything good or bad take it all in it’s worth it.img_20190722_011957