Old friends

20181130_084735Louise is back and what a joy it is to share my home with someone.  There’s no doubt about it house sharing for me is the perfect set up.  I have times of complete quiet when I’m on my own and times of fun and sharing when Louise is back.  I’m not saying that sharing is perfect, living with someone can be tedious there’s always little things to be upset about but on the whole it’s a win win situation.  So today I’m grateful for friendship and all that that entails.  We need friends in our life it makes it much more colourful.



20181117_162301Advent is a time to reflect on the real meaning of christmas, Christ being born. He’s come to save the world from misery and suffering. We traditionally light candles in the four weeks up to Christmas, the candles signify the four virtues Jesus gives us hope, love,peace and joy. The last candle is lit on Christmas day to celebrate the arrival of Jesus.  I’ve still to do my advent candles, maybe this weekend I’ll get organised.

Just an idea maybe each week I’ll focus on those four virtues

Hope. What are my hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Love. Who do I want to remain in my life, focus on self love as well as love for others.

Peace.  Make peace with anyone whom you hold grudges with move into the new year with a peaceful heart.

Joy. Be joyful, live in the moment appreciate everything, life is precious.




20181030_103302We have to have goals. I’ve become a life coach and in the training it teaches us to have goals. So it’s nearing that time of year again where I’ll sit down with my journal and think about what I’d like to achieve in the New Year.  They don’t have to be big it could be something as simple as cutting out sugar, but they can also be fanciful, a world trip, the main thing is that you have them. I always go over last years and see what my progress has been.

Without goals we don’t grow as individuals we become stagnant and bogged down with the same old story.  So go on try it put some zest back into your life, something to aim for, you won’t regret it.


December is coming time to slow down, it’s a time for reflection, all my pressies are nearly done I try to make sure that I don’t have all the last minute panic.  Time to try and eat well, keep up the exercise and get plenty sleep.  There’s lots going on so I try to find a balance.  Make sure I do plenty relaxing so that my poor brain doesn’t get into overload.  Even as I say this I’m wide awake at 2.40am all the more reason to try and do some napping during the day.  Only 4 more weeks of work to go then it’s the holidays I’ll treat myself to a new journal for the new year write down where I am now and all the goals I hope to achieve throughout 2019 it’s an exciting time of year, but I must remember it’s all about resting up, bring it on.20181123_191148



20181118_070747I’ve been on FB recently and seen lots of posts about the benefits of smiling to your wellbeing so I decided to try this out for myself. I’m generally or so I thought not a smiley person, I wish I had one of those million dollar smiles but hey ho I go into this with my own reluctant smile.  I’m now aware of the amount of people who go through life looking in a state of misery these people have their eyes down and don’t even see your smile, then there are people who cheerfully smile back, then and I must say mainly the old or very young who seem grateful for your smile and finally believe it or not are those people who want you to stop smiling quote ” stop being so cheerful” unbelievable!

All I can say is that even in my depression I smile more than I realise, but I’ve also noticed that it does something mentally when I smile intentionally, I automatically feel more cheerful, so this is one habit I intend to keep rocking.  Keeeep smiling ignore the naysayers.

Christmas build up

Here we are late November, what takes us through the winter? Christmas.  I love the build up, the shopping, the lights, the atmosphere, the wrapping of gifts and now I pay more attention to the fact it’s Jesus’s birthday which can only mean one thing, celebration.  I often get sad at Xmas and it seems to be a trigger point for my illness, but not this year I’m aware of it and I’m fighting back.

I’m on my own now so time to start my own traditions, the Christmas market shopping, the making of Xmas cake,the bringing in of my tree from the garden (so looking forward to that) posting off my parcels to friends and family far away, Louise coming home, so much to celebrate and be grateful for.  I mustn’t forget past xmasses but I have to move on, it’s all my own adventure now, 20180127_133417 let it commence I’m ready.


Positive mental attitude normally I don’t have a problem with this, I’m quite an upbeat type of gal but when the anxiety and depression sets in its the last thing I want to think about. Don’t get me wrong I do it I try to be positive because it really does work but it goes against the grain the opposite of how I’m feeling, it’s so tiring battling constantly with your mind. So somedays I just need to stop and acknowledge the misery knowing that this too will pass.